Lalan: Endless Dance

3–18 May 2019

Exhibition Overview

LALAN, Untitled, 1970-75.jpg

LALAN, Untitled, 1970-75. Oil on canvas, 60 x 81cm.

Lalan (Xie Jinglan) moved to France with her first husband Zao Wou-Ki back in the last century, during which she took fully on board the abstractionist spirit of Art Informel. With the unique aesthetic sense Lalan as a female embraced, she infused her profound understanding from music and dance to her oeuvre. Through the abstract imagery, Lalan immerses the viewers in a journey to an enigmatic and boundless domain. The selling exhibition includes a selection of oil paintings and works on paper from her three main periods of creation, bringing the enduring avant-garde spirit of this remarkable Chinese female artist to revival.

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