Frank Auerbach & Lucian Freud

16 May–12 August 2018

Exhibition Overview

 Frank Auerbach, Self-Portrait

Both born in Berlin and brought to England as children to save them from the Nazis, Frank Auerbach (b. 1931) and Lucian Freud (1922–2011) shared more than a similar destiny: they were linked in close friendship, and their figurative painting revolutionized the language of modern art. Devoting themselves to the same motifs with the greatest intensity and perseverance over decades, they mostly depicted people from their immediate surroundings. The restriction in terms of contents is rooted in their search for artistic knowledge. The creative process is always a relentless struggle for truth.

Seizing the occasion of the important acquisition of a self-portrait drawing by Auerbach by the Städelsche Museums-Verein e. V. and a generous donation from a private collection in Cologne, the Städel’s Department of Prints and Drawings presents a selection of Frank Auerbach’s and Lucian Freud’s prints and drawings in spring 2018.

(Photo: © Frank Auerbach, courtesy Marlborough Fine Art)

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