Temporary Display of Annie Leibovitz’s Photographs

18 October 2018–21 January 2019

Exhibition Overview

DiCaprio Leibowitz.jpg

Annie Leibovitz, Leonardo DiCaprio. Ranch Tayon, Lebeck, California. 1997/2012.

The State Hermitage’s Department of Contemporary Art is continuing its work to present works of art that have been donated to the museum. From 20 October 2018, there will be a temporary display in the General Staff building of photographs by Annie Leibovitz that have been presented to the museum as a gift from their creator.

Annie Leibovitz (born 1949) is one of the most successful photographers of the present day. She made her name with photographs of celebrities taken on assignments from magazines and advertising agencies. In her finest works, Leibovitz goes beyond the bounds of a commercial shoot, creating memorable, heart-stirring images of personalities and the age.

(Photo courtesy of Annie Leibovitz.)

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