Raquel Van Haver: Spirits of the Soil

25 November 2018–7 April 2019

Exhibition Overview


Raquel Van Haver, Straat (diptych), 2015.

This autumn, the Stedelijk Museum dedicates six galleries to the exhibition Spirits of the Soil by Raquel van Haver. Especially for this exhibition Van Haver will produce a new series of monumental paintings. The exhibition at the Stedelijk is Van Haver's first solo exhibition at an Amsterdam museum.

Raquel van Haver (1989, Bogotá, Colombia) refers to her work as ‘loud’ paintings that sympathetically portray people on the fringes of society. Van Haver has created a new series of monumental paintings especially for the Stedelijk Museum, including the gigantic painting We Don’t Sleep As We Parade All Through The Night (4 by 9 meters). In a raw, expressive style, her latest work captures her experiences in the Bijlmermeer Amsterdam, where she lives and works, and reflects on her stay in the 'barrios' and 'favelas' in megacities such as those found in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Van Haver refers to her work as ‘loud’ paintings in which she emphasizes the similarities between groups of people, with empathy for groups on the fringes of society. Raquel van Haver was recently awarded the Dutch Royal Award for Modern Painting 2018.

(Photo courtesy of Stedelijk Museum.)

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