Odalis Valdivieso: Performing the Self and other Selves

1 December 2018–7 April 2019

Exhibition Overview


Detail from exhibition Odalis Valdivieso: Performing the Self and other Selves.

Performing the self and other selves by artist Odalis Valdivieso presents a new series of works on paper within The Bass’ Walgreens Windows project space. For this installation, the artist merges the storefront display and the realm of public space with her presentation of flat and folded paper artworks.

Valdivieso’s practice often utilizes paper folding and printmaking as a trompe-l’œil strategy to subvert our understanding of painting, photography, and drawing. This process reflects her current interest in vectorization and abstraction, which are employed in the making of flat, 2-D forms associated with portraits, natural and urban landscapes.

For Performing the self and other selves, Valdivieso applies the concept of atmospherics to design an environment, which physically and conceptually illuminates the corporeal relationship between people and objects in space, with gel filters and targeted lighting. The work aims to stimulate perceptual and emotional responses from the public, and to ultimately affect their behavior.

While a store environment is designed as a space that guides and influences consumer choices and decision-making, what happens when the space is conceived for an art exhibition?

(Photo courtesy of The Bass Museum.)

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