Grayson Perry: Making Meaning

15–27 January 2018

Exhibition Overview

Hold Your Beliefs Lightly

The exhibition, Grayson Perry Making Meaning will offer an overview of Perry’s work, exploring themes of Britishness, identity, craftsmanship and the art establishment.

A vivid chronicler of contemporary life, Perry boldly tackles subjects that are universally human, such as identity, gender, social status, sexuality and religion. The exhibition will include some of his major works in ceramic, tapestry, sculpture and etching, as well as the not-to-be-missed monumental tapestry Comfort Blanket, exhibited in Perry’s acclaimed National Portrait Gallery London exhibition Who are you?

Perry uses the seductive qualities of ceramics and other traditional art forms, including cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry, to make stealthy comments about society, past and present, and its pleasures as well as its injustices and flaws. Autobiographical references – to the artist’s childhood, his family and his transvestite alter ego Claire – can be read in tandem with questions about décor and decorum, class and taste, and the status of the artist versus that of the artisan.

(Photo: Grayson Perry, Hold Your Beliefs Lightly, computerized embroidery, cotton and silk, 32.5 X 45 cm, 2011)

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