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Today Art Museum

Beijing | China

About the Museum

Today Art Museum (TAM) was founded by Zhang Baoquan in 2002. The museum aims to promote Chinese contemporary art based on an internationalized vision and a contemporary ideology. As the first non-for-profit, non-governmental art museum in China, TAM is dedicated to explore an appropriate development strategy for museums of its kind within a Chinese context. It focuses on Chinese contemporary art, its trends and key figures. At the same time, the institution strives to discover and support young artists in the community, through the construction of a larger institutional framework and by carrying on relevant academic practices.

TAM hopes to solidify its standing in the history of art and offer a multi-tiered approach to China’s burgeoning art scene. It also promotes international dialogue through exhibitions and events that provide structure for meaningful cultural exchanges between Chinese and non-Chinese artists and organizations. In a global context, TAM believes these opportunities are the greatest means to secure future development of Chinese art.

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