Exterior view of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam


Amsterdam | Netherlands

About the Museum

Exterior view of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam

The Tropenmuseum is an ethnographic museum founded in 1864. One of the largest museum in Amsterdam, it accommodates 8 permanent exhibitions a year. Not only does the museum have permanent exhibitions but also has an ongoing series of temporary exhibitions, including modern and traditional visual art.

The museum houses 175,000 objects, 155,000 photographs, and 10,000 drawings, paintings, and documents. These objects are split up into many collection and from many geographical areas such as Asia, Africa, Latin American and so forth. The photography collection consists mainly of historical photographs of the former Dutch Colonies from 1855–1940.

As part of the Dutch Museum of World Cultures, the museum is one of three museums that aids the in artistic development and celebration in the Netherlands.

(Photo: Wikimedia)

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