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University Museum and Art Gallery, Interior

The oldest museum in Hong Kong, University Museum and Art Gallery was first established in 1953 and houses an impressive collection of Chinese antiquities,ceramics, traditional oil paintings and wood and jade carvings. The University Museum and Art Gallery houses Chinese antiquities, notably bronzes, ceramics, paintings and wood carving. The collection has been built over the past sixty years through acquisition and donation. Among the highlights of the collection are an early blue-and-white water pot and the world's largest collection of Nestorian plaques. The comprehensive collection has examples dating from the Neolithic period to the Qing dynasty. The bronze collection includes works from the Shang to the Tang_dynasty and the largest collection of Yuan dynasty Nestorian crosses in the world. The Museum also has a number of carvings in jade, wood and stone and a collection of Chinese oil paintings. In recent years, the Museum has also been collecting historical photographs of Hong Kong and items of popular culture.

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons: Saliteics)

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