Unique Impressions: the Experiments of Camille Pissarro

1 March–26 May 2019

Exhibition Overview

Pissarro Van Gogh Museum.jpg

Composite of various experimental prints made by Pissarro.

Pissarro experimented with different materials and techniques in his prints. Vincent van Gogh was a great admirer of his work. A selection of Pissarro’s best prints will be on display at the Van Gogh Museum from 1 March.

Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) was one of the leading representatives of Impressionist printing. He put research and experimentation first and foremost, believing that the process of creating the prints was more important than the ultimate result.

The subject matter of Pissarro’s prints may be straightforward, but the works truly show just how inventive he was. He experimented with materials and techniques to create various – clearly different – versions of each composition. Pissarro used materials such as wire brushes, sandpaper and copper daguerreotype plates.

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