confrontations A museum for all

21 July 2018–3 February 2019

Exhibition Overview


The exhibition presents the works of Villa Vauban's collection under a new aspect, aimed at stimulating the curiosity of the visitor: they are exhibited in pairs or sets of opposites. There are thematic confrontations such as "old - young", "poor - rich", "alone - in company", "pious - frivolous" or "abstract - figurative", "in motion - at a standstill".

Like the first edition of 2017, the new Museum for All is based on the concept of accessibility and inclusion ("Design for all"). Thus, each visitor can discover the works exhibited in his own way, according to his motor or cognitive abilities. Specially designed mediation tools give an original, interactive and often playful reading. While accessibility for people with disabilities has been prioritized, the various stations are no less interesting for all audiences.

The aim is to offer a heterogeneous audience tactile, visual and auditory mediation tools as varied as possible in order to make the content of the exhibition accessible to all the senses: tactile models of paintings, relief images, films of explanation in several languages, simplified texts, ...
Following the great success of "Visits for Toddlers" and "Guided Visits Parents / Babies", an area of the exhibition will be converted into "Children's Museum". Pictures with patterns adapted to a very young audience will be hung at a height appropriate for children. Two play mats, specially designed for these visits, will be available to visitors. The range of specific design furniture, already present in the 2017 edition, will be expanded by additional elements.

Disguises and an interactive photo booth will allow visitors to identify with the protagonists of one or more works of art.

In addition to maintaining traditional mediation activities (regular guided tours in several languages, workshops, birthdays, etc.), the museum offers an additional program for people with special needs.

(Photo: Courtesy of Villa Vauban)

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