Xie Sumei: An Qi

18 December 2018–24 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

Xie Sumei.jpg

Xie Sumei, Some Structure 3 (Farnegina Manor), 2015-2017. Image, 3'51′′, Looping. © Xie Sumei.

The Shanghai Yu Deyao Art Museum holds the first solo exhibition of the artist Xie Sumei in China. From the background of its trans-Eurasian culture and its concern for different dimensions of the world, Xie Sumei's artistic practice often involves time, memory, musicality and language problems. Her work is presented in a variety of forms, such as sculpture, video, photography, or installation. It always interacts and moves between sound and image, nature and culture, spiritual space, and perceived experience.

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