The Top 10 City Guides of 2018

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Discover the remarkable museums housed on Sotheby's Museum Network with a virtual trip around the world. End 2018 with the Museum Network's most outstanding City Guides, all listed above.

The Top 10 City Guides of 2018

  • In just 52 years, Singapore has evolved from British colonial port to independent global player. The visual arts are flourishing like never before, with local artists exhibited prolifically across the globe and new dialogues generated from an influx of international residencies and collaborations.
  • Renowned world over as the home of Western modernism, haute cuisine and high fashion, Paris often escapes the need for formal introductions. The city dazzles first-time visitors and seasoned travelers alike with the grandeur of its uniform Hausmann buildings and the distinct haze of its diffused natural light.

    Interior of Palais Garnier. Photo: Kojo Abudu.
  • The United Arab Emirates, which was only founded as a federal state in 1971, has become an essential art destination in the past decade. Noteworthy non-profit and commercial initiatives and institutions have sprung up across the region. Pivotal events and exhibitions have put the UAE on the art map: the Sharjah Biennial has, since its launch in 1993, provided a platform for contemporary artists in the Middle East.

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
  • Sotheby's Museum Network sits down with regional art expert and contemporary art collector Canda Elgiz Dayıgil of the Elgiz Museum to discuss her favorite museums, Istanbul's hidden gems, and the best ways to enjoy a visit to the Bosphorus.

    Hagia Sophia.
  • New York City remains the world’s most exciting hub of the arts, with the densest concentration of museums and galleries, and alternative scenes that, indeed, have fanned out into the boroughs – which makes them all the more interesting to visit. The flagship museums in Manhattan continue to organise some of the world’s most important exhibitions, while a massive network of smaller museums, galleries, and artist spaces speaks to New York’s unmatched cultural diversity – a polyglot, cosmopolitan city, deeply shaped by immigration, and that stands as an antidote to the nativism in the air in American and global politics.

    Installation view of Picasso and the Age of Iron at the Guggenheim Museum, 1993. Photo: David M. Heald, © SRGF, New York.
  • Sotheby's Museum Network connects with one of Vienna's leading cultural experts, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, director of the celebrated Leopold Museum, to discuss his favorite destinations and insider tips. For more on Vienna, see the Museum Network City Guide on Austria's art capital.

    Kunsthistorisches Museum Floor. Image courtesy of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.
  • Three decades after the Cold War, the once-divided city of Berlin has transformed into a significant cultural centre, with world-class museums and a thriving network of around 450 galleries. Since the fall of the Wall, artists from around the world have flocked to work and exhibit in the city.
  • Bath is one of the best places to take a weekend retreat in the United Kingdom. The small city has become a sanctuary for city dwellers due to its gorgeous Georgian architecture, tranquil atmosphere, and thriving independent business culture. A trip to Bath serves as a much needed break from the hustle and grind of urban living - a short moment to reflect, read, walk, and find pause. In Bath, one can indulge in slow living and return to one's daily routine with a refreshed mindset.

    The Grounds of the Bath Priory Hotel. Photo: Kojo Abudu.
  • Over the past 15 years, Amsterdam has transformed its reputation from a party town into a top European cultural destination. Following decade-long refurbishments of the historic Rijksmuseum and the contemporary Stedelijk Museum, along with the expansion of the Van Gogh Museum, its central museum square - long the beating heart of the city - is stronger than ever.
  • Geneva is not only a hub for diplomacy and global finance, but is becoming a significant destination for fine art and design. Geneva, a lakeside city in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, is home to an impressive grouping of international organizations. From the United Nations to the Red Cross, Geneva is well-known throughout the world for its prominent institutions. Often referred to as the “Peace Capital,” Geneva, particularly when it comes to jewelry and watchmaking. Indeed, it's a top destination for museum lovers worldwide.