About the Museum

Bröhan-Museum, Berlin’s museum for art nouveau, art deco, and functionalism, is named after its founder, Karl H. Bröhan (July 6, 1921–Jan. 2, 2000).

A passionate collector and great connoisseur of art nouveau, art deco, and the art of the Berlin Secession, Karl H. Bröhan opened a private museum in a Dahlem residence in 1973. On his 60th birthday, Bröhan donated his collection to the city of Berlin. In 1983, Bröhan-Museum opened at its current location, which belongs to the ensemble of Charlottenburg Castle and was originally erected for castle guards.

The foremost task at the museum is maintaining and presenting the collection of Karl H. Bröhan. The Bröhan-Museum has a unique collection of art nouveau, art deco, and the art of the Berlin Secession. As a museum for art nouveau and art and design from the first half of the twentieth century with ca. 1000 square meters of exhibition space, the museum is able to present the collection in a permanent exhibition that changes at a two year rhythm.


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