About the Museum

The New Synagogue Berlin - Centrum Judaicum Foundation was founded in July 1988. Its mission was to “rebuild the New Synagogue in the Oranienburger Straße in Berlin for present and future generations and create a center for preserving and fostering Jewish culture.” The symbolic cornerstone for the restoration was laid on November 10, 1988. In the seven years that followed, the New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum Foundation restored only the parts of the synagogue that had survived, so that history’s scars remain clearly visible. This included reconceptualizing the space that resulted from tearing down the synagogue’s main room in September 1958. The former inner wall and the remnants of the brickwork leading to the synagogue’s main sanctuary are protected by a glass construction. The outline of the building, as well as the supporting pillars for the women’s gallery and the organ, are marked by granite blocks.


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