Lichtenberg Museum

Lichtenberg Museum at the Stadthaus

About the Museum

The Museum Lichtenberg is located in the former town hall of Boxhagen-Rummelsburg, now called Stadthaus. The house sees itself as an information, cultural and educational site for teaching and researching the district's history. With the history of today's Lichtenberg, the district, together with Hohenschönhausen, looks back on the rural and urban development of its districts. These range from their village origins in the 13th century to the emergence of rural and urban communities and large industrial sites in the 19th century to politically relevant events in the 20th century. Among them are the suppression of the revolution of 1919 at the Frankfurter Allee, the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht 1945 in Karlshorst and the occupation and dissolution of the headquarters of the MfS 1990 on the Magdalenenstraße.


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