Museo del Objeto del Objeto, Mexico City

Museo del Objeto del Objeto

About the Museum

The Museo del Objeto del Objeto (MODO) was opened in October 2010 in Mexico City. It is the first space in the city dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and propagation of diverse expressions of design and communication. It only offers temporary exhibits, and it aims to promote the production of a culture of the unexpected and the uncommon. The museum has a collection of close to 100,000 Objects, dating back to 1810, up to the present day, providing brilliant examples of design in packaging, bottling, advertising and the graphic arts as well as historic documents and photographs which represent various aspects of everyday life and tell the history of a society since the beginning of the 19th century. Through this collection, it is possible to understand the phenomenon of design and creation, their promotion and development along the years, and how all of this influences everyday life.


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