Turner: why global museums are still rapt by the Romantic

This week, museums across the world will commemorate the anniversary of the death of the great British Romantic painter, J.M.W. Turner. Follow the Museum Network for more on the great Romantic painter...

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Alex Farquharson, Director, Tate Britain
Tate Britain

Alex Farquharson on the Future of Tate Britain

Alex Farquharson, Director, Tate Britain. ©Tate Photography

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South Africa's New $38 Million Museum Has Global Ambitions

For years, German-born businessman and philanthropist Jochen Zeitz puzzled over a simple question: “Why is contemporary art from Africa not being seen?” The question came to Zeitz during his eighteen-...

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The First International Design Museum in China to Open in December

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Chinese state-owned company, China Merchants Shekou Holdings have partnered to launch an ambitious new design museum. The Design Society opens on 2 Dec...

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New Kremer Museum Brings Virtual Reality to Old Masters

Interest in virtual reality (VR) has been growing especially rapidly since the release of the Oculus Rift gaming headset in 2016, so it is not surprising that contemporary artists have been embracing ...

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